About Us

Asena Socks Company has been producing socks as a contract manufacturer for world brands in Turkey since the 1990s. We are located in the center of Istanbul, Turkey.

About Producing Socks

Our proficiency is men's socks, ladies' socks and children's socks manufacturing in accordance with international standards. Main materials are cotton, woolblend, bamboo, polyester, acrylic and polyamid mixed yarns.

Production Capacity

Got what you wanted! We are a large scale socks manufacturer. Our factory is modern and highly efficient for optimum producing.

Sock knitting blog

Large scale socks manufacturer in Istanbul
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There are many of world brands in textile industry including socks. We know they always want the magic mix of producing from socks manufacturers and this is a reasonable request. Blended yarns with different materials like cotton, bamboo, polyester etc. … Read More

Socks manufacturer essential
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We all selective about comfort as much as colors and patterns for expressing ourselves, all about the human being. That’s why trying to keep a balance between unlimited needs, colors and patterns provide design, sock designs. Manufacturing or producing socks … Read More

The process of producing high quality socks
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Machines are neither human nor a simple button. Because of that process of producing socks by using machines, in large amounts needs special care. Machines… They just do socks! Socks especially have to be soft material that you wear on … Read More

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