Producing Socks

We connected our knowledge to our socks knitting machines for better results. We are also promoting closer cooperation between the agents and traders. Meanwhile, our priority is world brands.


We are not stopping, even at night. For most suitable prices and on time delivery.


After all the packing was finished immediately we move them in our warehouse. We are using information technology with our business partners such as customs consultancy and shipping companies.


We are in order to discover new facts and test new ideas. If you planning new products you should know that we are trouble-free as possible.

Suitable Price

We follow the world market as much as our competitors do. Better for us because we have optimal capacity then better for you.


We use the most modern packaging techniques for you. For your brand with quality standards we can fulfill all the criteria that you specify.

Quality Management

Over 20 years of production experience we defined our quality standards with highlights.