Large scale socks manufacturer in Istanbul

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There are many of world brands in textile industry including socks. We know they always want the magic mix of producing from socks manufacturers and this is a reasonable request. Blended yarns with different materials like cotton, bamboo, polyester etc. Also important thing is the mixing large amounts with quality.

When you need a contract manufacturer in Turkey, we turn out all right and would like to make, ship all kinds of socks that made by our knitting machines on contract.

The collection & Skills

The magic mix of sock manufacturing means that bringing important things together. They are blended yarns, colors, patterns, quantity and quality. Looks like very simple but needs effort.

About us: Our label is about the magic mix

Our socks manufacturing scale is not the biggest, largest or massive for the world, this is not our characteristic. We believe that being a massive manufacturer should be the only one. Are they? We would prefer to say “only you”. Such as being a part of ecosystem.

Socks producing is different in many ways. Most alternative socks manufacturing work best on a middle scale when the detail matters. We are making socks in the center of İstanbul in a nice factory for good work and for international meetings.

Our standards and supply chain

GOTS certification program; all final products are GOTS certified by Asena Socks in textile processing, manufacturing. That means organic textile standard.

OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification; products containing no harmful substances.

SEDEX, Supplier Ethical Data Exchange; we have labour standards, health & safety and environment is our major responsibility, we agreed to comply with business ethics.

Supply chain; we are part of many word brands workflow as a socks manufacturer in Istanbul, Turkey.