Socks manufacturer essential

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We all selective about comfort as much as colors and patterns for expressing ourselves, all about the human being. That’s why trying to keep a balance between unlimited needs, colors and patterns provide design, sock designs. Manufacturing or producing socks is also another balance. Operational management of socks producing needs effort then our proficiency with men’s socks, ladies’ socks and children’s socks manufacturing is well known.

Valuable contribution

Socks design works for consumer needs. They would be expected that have different properties in daily use. Sports even extreme sports or working socks have to provide more properties. They all start with drawing a sock then you wear with comfort. Valuable socks have to be healthy and comfortable more than other textile goods. Just because our foots are very sensitive already, try on them to feel.

Socks manufacturing needs experience

The successful socks producing process and manufacturer must be able to multitask. This is nature of socks manufacturing and needs proficiency. All of this situation has been forming in high energy by Asena Socks Company for twenty years now in Istanbul, Turkey.

New ideas bring sustainability

We are refreshing with new knitting machines in our new factory building and on a renewed website. But more than this we have been changing your socks with leading world brands.

We love to make socks beautiful all the time, before anything.