The process of producing high quality socks

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Machines are neither human nor a simple button. Because of that process of producing socks by using machines, in large amounts needs special care. Machines… They just do socks! Socks especially have to be soft material that you wear on your foot inside your shoe. Patterns and colors big effects on socks when producing them. So, how do we do?

Working as a machine, socks knitting machine!

We are working like socks knitting machines but we do something else step by step. Choosing the best yarns in the market is the first step after your orders or samples. They are cotton, bamboo, polyester yarns or mixed yarns. Then sewing, washing-drying, hygiene and forming procedure done in order.

External parts of your complete projects continue when producing socks. Usually labeling, barcoding and packaging elements are some of them.

During the process quality control never ends.

We have verified quality standards when producing your branded socks. Textiles materials are made from organic fibres. So we responsible for ecology and social standards. All materials have no harmful substances. This is a known concept in the industry but we verified. We do our business in ethic rules. This is very important for us and also verified.

Now your top quality socks ready to any freight service that you want.

Our socks knitting machines never stops except when they on maintenance mode.

We are thinking that the magic mode of socks producing means “You are the center” and all of this process is ongoing at the same time.

We love what we do when producing your branded socks for world… Then the magic happens 🙂

Thank you for choosing us.